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We team up with our clients in opportunity and adversity as they forge new paths, venture into new markets and redefine strategy.

  • What We Do

  • Gama Glória integrates expertise in law, strategy, regulation, and public policy to provide intelligent strategic advice to businesses and governments. Our team of attorneys trained in law, business, and public policy has experience across many sectors, including financial institutions, transportation and infrastructure, energy, and life sciences.

    We work with decision-makers in critical negotiations, high-level disputes, and strategic policy making. We help anticipate and manage regulatory change, advise corporations on intricate government issues, and inform public-policy with data-driven insight.

    No organization is excellent without making excellence its top priority. That is why we have a single-minded focus on our clients and their interests. We look to deliver the best solution in each matter we are entrusted.


    +351 211 390 139

    R. Alexandre Herculano, 38 - 4, 1250-011 Lisboa


    Gama Glória is the brand of Júdice Glória, Taborda da Gama – Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL, a limited liability law firm registered with the Portuguese bar association.

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André Júdice Glória

André Júdice Glória is a corporate finance attorney with work experience in Lisbon, London, and Madrid.

He advises on finance and M&A transactions involving assets in heavily regulated sectors, notably banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions, energy companies, and transport and infrastructure projects. André also advises corporations in operational and strategic challenges in the media and transportation sectors.

Prior to launching Gama Glória, he served as a managing associate at Linklaters.

André holds a JD (University of Lisbon '00), an LLM in Banking and Financial Law (Boston University '02) and an MBA (MIT Sloan '13).


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João Taborda da Gama

João Taborda da Gama advises corporations and government in complex public and tax law issues as an attorney, arbitrator and public policy advisor. His experience spans a wide range of industries in highly regulated sectors such as mobility, life-sciences and controlled substances, technology, and cities.

João combines his private practice with academic activity and civic participation. He served as Secretary of State for Local Government in 2015, and as a political advisor to the President of Portugal from 2011 to 2013. In 2017, he was appointed by the Parliament as a member of the board of the Superior Council of the Tax and Administrative Courts.

João is a member of the Business Ethics Committee of the Portuguese Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (APIFARMA), and a senior advisor of the Albright Stonebridge Group.

João serves as Director of the Taxation postgraduate program at the Catholic University, and is a member of the Practice Council of the New York University International Tax Program.

João holds a JD (University of Lisbon '00) and a Masters in Public Law (University of Lisbon '04). He is the author of several books and articles published in Portugal and abroad.


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Adolfo Mesquita Nunes

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes is a public law attorney practicing in the areas of public policy and procurement, regulation, litigation, arbitration, and public-private partnerships. He advises private and public clients across industry sectors.

Adolfo served as Secretary of State for Tourism from 2013 and 2015.

Prior to this, Adolfo was a senior attorney at Morais Leitão (MLGTS).

Past experience in the public service include being an elected Member of Parliament, Chief of Staff of the Minister for Environment and Urban Planning, and advisor to the Secretary of State for Social Affairs.

Adolfo holds a JD (Catholic University '00) and a Masters in Public Law (University of Lisbon '08).


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Joana Albernaz Delgado

Joana Albernaz Delgado is a public law attorney with experience in administrative law.

Joana has been following highly regulated sectors such as mobility and transportation, technology, and life-sciences, with a special focus on the medical cannabis and controlled substances sectors. Joana advises government institutions and private clients on public law, public policy, and regulatory matters.

Joana also advises clients in real estate, infrastructure and transportation and water resources projects, especially on land use and urban planning matters.

Prior to joining Gama Glória, Joana was a senior associate at Vieira de Almeida and an associate at Sérvulo Correia.

Joana holds a JD (University of Lisbon '04) and a postgraduate course in Land Planning, Urban Planning and Environmental Law (Coimbra University '06).


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António Frada de Sousa

António Carneiro da Frada de Sousa is counsel at Gama Glória. He is also a professor at the Porto Law School of the Catholic University as well as at the Católica Global School of Law in Lisbon, where he teaches in the areas of European Union law, private transnational law, and international transactions.

António was référendaire of Advocate General M. Poiares Maduro at the European Court of Justice (2003-2007) and served as legal advisor to the Minister for Regional Development (2013-2015).

António studied law at the Catholic University (JD and PhD), at the University of Coimbra (Masters), and at the University of Chicago (LLM). He is the author of several books and articles published in Portugal and abroad.


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Leonardo Marques dos Santos

Leonardo Marques dos Santos is a tax attorney advising corporations and individuals, both on domestic and international tax matters. He is also a tax arbitrator and a guest lecturer at the Catholic University.

Prior to Gama Glória, Leonardo was a senior associate at PLMJ, and an associate at Abreu Advogados, where he represented both private and public entities in a full range of taxation and tax policy issues.

Leonardo also served as a legal advisor to the Minister for the Presidency and for Parliamentary Affairs and to the Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (2013-2014).

Leonardo holds a JD (Portuguese Catholic University '04), a postgraduate course in Tax Law (Higher Institute of Management '06), and an Adv. LLM in International Tax Law (International Tax Center Leiden '09).


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Sofia Metelo de Nápoles

Sofia Metelo de Nápoles is a corporate attorney with work experience in the financial and banking sectors. She advises on investment projects, finance and M&A transactions.

Sofia has international experience advising on private investment projects in emerging markets, as well as on a wide variety of corporate, foreign exchange and customs matters, both to national and international clients operating in the energy, construction industry, and transports and logistics sectors.

Prior to joining Gama Glória, Sofia was a legal advisor in the Legal Enforcement Department of the Central Bank of Portugal.

Past experience includes being an associate at Morais Leitão (MLGTS) and a trainee lawyer at Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira.

Sofia holds a JD (New University of Lisbon '10) and a Masters in Corporate Law (New University of Lisbon '13).


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Teresa Bastos Lopes

Teresa Bastos Lopes is a lawyer at Gama Glória, where she supports the tax and public law practices.

Teresa holds a JD (Catholic University '15) and is a Masters in Tax Law candidate with a research focus on VAT and health care (Catholic University).


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Inês Setil

Inês Setil is a jurist.

Prior to joining Gama Glória, she coordinated for ten years the Knowledge and Information Management areas at Morais Leitão law firm (MLGTS), where she was as well Knowledge, Communication and Risk Director.

Inês also worked as a legal advisor at the Ministry of Justice (Legal Policy and Planning Office and Audit and Modernization Office) and as a trainee lawyer at Jardim, Sampaio, Caldas & Associados.

She holds a JD in Law (New University of Lisbon '02) and post-graduate degrees in Procedural Law and Litigation (Catholic University '04), Science of Legislation and Legislative Drafting (University of Lisbon '06), and Portuguese Studies (New University of Lisbon '11).


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André Zibaia da Conceição

André Zibaia da Conceição is a public law attorney. He advises clients in the technology and mobility sectors on a wide variety of administrative law and regulatory matters, public procurement, privacy and data protection.

Prior to joining Gama Glória, André was a legal advisor and project manager in two public sector agencies. He also served as advisor and chief of staff for the Secretary of State for Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Innovation and as advisor for the Secretary of State for Administrative Modernization (2011-2015).

Past experience includes being an associate at F. Castelo Branco & Associados.

André holds a JD (University of Lisbon '04) and a postgraduate course in Administrative Law (University of Lisbon '07). Having a special interest in technology-related matters, André received executive training in Digital Transformation (Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics '17) and is attending training on unmanned aircraft systems regulation.


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Inês Almendra

Inês Almendra is a junior lawyer at Gama Glória.

Inês holds a JD (University of Lisbon '17), an LLM in International Business Law (Tilburg University '18), and an advanced postgraduate course in Commercial Litigation (University of Lisbon '17).


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Ricardo Neto Galvão

Ricardo Neto Galvão is a litigation and arbitration attorney.

Prior to joining Gama Glória, Ricardo was a senior associate at Vieira de Almeida, where he represented clients in several commercial litigation and arbitration disputes (both international and domestic), mainly on energy and construction matters.

His past experience includes working as legal advisor of the Portuguese Postal Services Company and the Central Bank of Portugal and being a trainee lawyer at SRS Advogados.

Ricardo holds a JD degree in Law (Catholic University '09), a master's degree in Legal Sciences (University of Lisbon '12) and a postgraduate degree in Arbitration (New University of Lisbon '13). He is currently attending a postgraduate course in Energy Law (Catholic University).


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Helena Carvalho

Helena Carvalho is a legal secretary and personal assistant.

Prior to joining Gama Glória, she was a legal secretary at Morais Leitão law firm, where she provided support to Corporate Finance and Capital Markets areas for 4 years.

Over 28 years, Helena also worked as secretary and office manager in the real estate and architectural services sectors.

Helena holds secretarial training.


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Elisa Summavielle

Elisa Summavielle is a labor law attorney with experience in a wide range of business sectors.

She advises both national and multinational companies, including on cross-border projects involving international posting of employees, hiring of employees and termination of employment contracts, organization of work schedules, salary structures and fringe benefits, companies’ restructuring and collective bargaining.

Prior to joining Gama Glória, Elisa was associate at MC Jurist – Lisbon Liaison Office, where she was involved in private investment projects in Angola, advising multinational companies, including in the energy and industry sectors, on both labor and tax law matters. She was also associate at Alves Pereira e Teixeira de Sousa.

Elisa holds a JD (University of Lisbon ‘06), a postgraduate degree in Labor Law (University of Lisbon ’12), and has attended the postgraduate course in Environmental Law, Spatial Planning, Urban Development and Tourism (University of Lisbon ‘10).